12 July 2022

New palette of Thai cuisine at Black Thai Restaurant

Thai cuisine restaurant Black Thai welcomes the new gastronomic year with a large-scale menu update. Chef Artem Martirosov has created a colorful and inspiring menu, in which the many-sided Thai cuisine shows its brightest and most expressive colors.

The new menu - rich and colorful - gives a holiday not only to taste buds, but also to all senses. Fragrances are in the air
Thai spices - fresh curry and tamarind, colorful peppers, kaffir lime, ginger and lemongrass. Each item excites the imagination and whets the appetite: bean salad with smoked eel and tuna chips (860 rubles), dorado ceviche with kiwi and Thai basil (720 rubles), Thai onion soup (520 rubles), curry corn soup with plum chicken (680 rubles).

In the author's interpretation of Artem Martirosov, the classics of Thai cuisine acquire a special originality and expressive character. The chef serves classic tom yum with rice porridge and tiger prawns (850 rubles), trout cooked in basil juice with wok vegetables (1080 rubles), and halibut in fried rice marinade with kohlrabi cream (1280 rubles) A feature of the new menu concept is the emphasis on alternative steaks. The main candidates for cold season bestsellers are Bangkok picanha (880 rubles), filet mignon in oyster sauce with Thai mushrooms (1980 rubles) and flank steak with fried papaya and black rice (1200 rubles).
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