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The Black Thai restaurant is one of the gastronomic attractions of the capital. For almost ten years of its existence, it has become a real brand associated with Thai cuisine, fashion trends, a special atmosphere and high quality. The restaurant opened for the first time in 2014, and later acquired a permanent residence in a historical place — the Radisson Collection Hotel, Moscow on Kutuzovsky Prospekt. In 2021, it was restarted — the team of Alexander Rappoport breathed new life into it, which immediately bubbled over.
Daria Tereshenok
Pastry Chef
Daria Tereshenok's desserts tell a story about tropical fruits - an ideal reference to the concept of the restaurant. Lime, banana, coconut, yuzu give the opportunity to play with flavors and textures — from mousse and cream in the dessert "100% lime" to fresh coconut sorbet in a banana cake. And it's also interesting to open the "Thai box" — that's the name of the dessert, and to evaluate how the flavors of pistachios, caramel and kalamansi "play". All desserts are distinguished by an interesting presentation and harmonious combinations of flavors.
Artem Martirosov
Black Thai is the most modern, relevant and trending interpretation of Thai cuisine, with all its freshness, unpredictability and exoticism. The chef is responsible for the kitchen, whose name is well known in the restaurant Moscow - Artem Martirosov. His style is a synergy of bright tastes, unusual combinations and unique presentation. Every day the chef devotes himself to the search for new ideas, solutions and products.
Nijat Ojagguliyev
Black Thai has always been a holiday restaurant, the best place for a pre-party, and it remains so now. Chef-bartender Nijat Ojagkuliyev ("Chinese letter") has developed a bar card in a tropical range — with exotic cocktails, cordial, extracts from Thai fruits and spices, representing the whole flavor of Thailand.
Thailand has been and remains for us a country of exotics. At any time of the year, we are drawn to snow-white beaches, to the azure sea, the hot sun and unique natural landscapes. Thai cuisine is an important part of tourist impressions: bright, unexpected, temperamental, it causes persistent addiction, and its quotes can be found in many cuisines of the world.

The architectural bureau of Anastasia Panibratova ("Dr. Zhivago", "Beluga") has created an interior similar to a lacquered oriental box: bright, spicy, modern. The bar counter in the form of a golden dragon is framed by scarlet columns, there are images of Thai dancers on the walls, the main accent is the old chandelier of the hotel, decorated in Thai style. On the mezzanine there is an "imperial box" — a table for twelve people with two throne chairs. The rich range of red, black and gold sets the mood of the holiday.

On the menu you can find bestsellers that have been loved by several generations of regular guests: a warm salad of crispy eggplant with lychee, a reference tom yam, a Bangkok duck, a salad of green papaya with lychee and lime sauce. Equally popular are salad with pomelo and shrimp, yellow curry with salmon and Thai eggplant, lamb with green basil and onion, crispy dorada with spices — exactly the same as in trendy restaurants in Bangkok.
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